Todays Class!

  1. Describe one thing you learned in class today.

Today I learned how to properly use property's of flex to manipulate elements to be how I want them, specifically I learned the difference between justify content and align content.

2. Describe your choice of 2 pseudo-selectors and discuss what they are used for.


I love hover because it allows me to make the web page more interesting for the user, they can be used to change the style of an element when the user hovers their mouse over it.


Checked can be used to select every checked <input> element. This can be used as a “select all” button.

3. What are some of the “gotchas” for writing efficient CSS?

  • Less is more: Less code results in less loading time making it more efficient.
  • Rinse and repeat your classes when appropriate, this will result in less code
  • Write short-hand code when possible to cut down on visual mess
  • Name your classes in a way that another developer can pick up where you left off with ease

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